Simple ‘3 Step’ Weight-Loss Goal-Setting Plan for 2014

What does 2014 have in store for you? Are you going to wait around to find out, or are you going to go out and make it happen..???

With Christmas all unwrapped for another year (pretty much), now is a good time to at least start to think about what we would like to achieve next year, particularly in relation to our weight-loss plans.

Regular goal setting for weight loss is an important, on-going activity if we are to ultimately reach our goal weight conclusively. But just setting a ‘general’ goal to say “lose 30 pounds”, is often too vague to be effective. On the other hand, meticulously planning every calorie you’re going to consume next year is far too detailed. In fact, the more detailed and intricate our plan is, the more likely we are to concede defeat if we deviate from that plan by the tiniest degree.

My advice; Keep It Simple.. 

In fact, you can simplify your weight-loss goals for next year into just 3 questions. Take a little time to think about these questions now and over the next few days. This will help you in formulating what you really want for 2014 and will also help you in ‘generally’ keeping on track with things, throughout the year.

Weight Loss Goal Setting Question 1 – What IS Your Goal?

You want to lose weight, and you may even have an idea of how much weight you want to lose – but WHY do you want to lose it?  What will it do for you if you lose those extra pounds? What difference will it mean to your life?

Do you want to have more energy?  Look better?  Feel sexier?  Wear a specific size clothing?  Get it clear in your mind what you REALLY want, and write it down. (This is REALLY important. When we write ideas down, this is processed by a different part of the brain than just ‘thinking’ about those same ideas and significantly increases the likelihood that you’ll follow-through on your plans)

Then, spend a few minutes further clarifying even those goals. Why is it important to you to have more energy?  What will looking better or feeling sexier actually do for you? etc

The clearer and the closer you can get to uncovering your TRUE desires that are driving you to do this, the more motivated you are going to be to take action and maintain it.

Weight Loss Goal Setting Question 2 – What Habits Do You Want to Break?

Write down a list of habits that you want to break. You know the ones I mean!

These will be habits that have prevented you from making progress toward your goal weight in the past; such as eating too much fried food, drinking too much alcohol, eating too much or too late, watching too much television, etc. 

Be as clear as you can and again, expand on any items so that you can uncover the true reason you wish to get rid of this old habit.

For example, “I’m going to pick at least 3 days each week where I don’t even turn the television on, because I’m fed up with being served up with mind-numbing trash, night after night, that claims itself to be entertaining and even more fed up with being brainwashed by a barrage of cheesy commercials that subliminally coerce me into gorging on all the wrong things! Rather than spending all that time motionless in front of the TV, I’m going to get MUCH more stimulation by doing X, Y or Z” etc, etc

Weight Loss Goal Setting Question 3 – What Are The Habits You Want to Form?

Okay, so you’ve had a mental clear-out of some of the habits you want to be rid of. So now, make a list of habits you want to ‘form’ to replace the ones you’re bidding farewell to and again, write these down. Do you want to drink more water each day?  Exercise for 45 minutes, three times a week?  Reduce your portion sizes?

Again, expand on these as much as you can, to really get to the heart of why you want to form these habits, For example, WHY do you want to drink more water? - “I’m going to drink at least 3 litres of water each day to help with controlling my unhealthy food cravings, assist with my portion control and optimise my body’s 'fat burning' process. It will also give my confidence a much needed boost as my skin and hair look better and my mind feels sharper and more focussed…” etc, etc

Breaking your goals down to these three simple questions, helps you in creating a daily ‘action plan’ in your mind that will ensure you’ll have a much clearer, more powerful picture of exactly what you wish to accomplish. This in turn will ensure you a far easier time staying focused and motivated, and will continue moving you forward, taking more of the steps that you know you need to take.

Another great way to get your weight-loss plans for 2014 off on the right foot, is to down-load your copy of The Weight Loss Black Book. It’s packed full of ideas that will help you decide which habits need to go, which habits you’d like to replace them with and how best to make sure all of this happens and sticks!

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Finally, I hope all your plans and celebrations for New Years Eve go smoothly and that you come out the other side not-too-worse-for-wear..!!

Have a good one and I’ll look forward to catching up with you in 2014



The Trick To Staying In Control Over Christmas

We’re well and truly into the build-up to this years Christmas season, so right NOW is a great time to think about what we need to do to make sure we aren’t several pounds heavier by the end of December..!!

One-off indulgences do not cause weight gain; weight gain is caused by gradual, sustained increases in calorie intake; those extra nights out with friends, the seasonal office parties, an extra mince pie here, a large glass of wine there, boxes of chocolates on-the-go and so on. And whilst all this is going on, we often make matters worse by allowing basic lifestyle habits to fall by the way-side, leading to excessive weight gain.

So, to have a fabulous time over Christmas without worrying too much about the scales, the trick is to pay a little bit closer attention to some of the basics; keep these in-check and you can certainly avoid, or at least ‘limit’ any damage to your weight-loss progress. Here's a sample of some of the most common party-season habits that cause our weight gain. Stay mindful of these and act NOW to avoid the extra pounds creeping on..

Forgetting to Drink Enough Water
Okay, so we’re out shopping for hours on end and there are lots of extra functions and events to distract us from our regular routines, but if there’s just one thing for us to maintain some level of focus on, it’s keeping our water intake up. With all the extra seasonal temptations that are inevitably on offer at this time of year, our bodies really will NOT be forgiving if we allow our fluid intake to drop. Remember, a litre of water for every 5 stone (70 lbs) of body weight, every day.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
This one may take a bit of planning ahead, but it IS worth it. The effects of not getting enough sleep can very quickly disrupt our metabolism, cause our energy levels to drop and increase our cravings for unhealthy foods. So, if you know in advance that you’re going to be burning the candle at both ends this Christmas, whether it’s late night shopping, visits to Christmas Markets or a lock-in at the office party, make sure you give yourself the ‘edge’, by planning to get at least 7½ to 8½ hours of sleep each night. 

Going to Parties Hungry
A common mistake is overindulging on high-fat pastries, crisps and dips while waiting for the "real" food to arrive. Avoid overeating at functions and parties by ensuring you don’t arrive at an event starving. Have a filling (healthy) snack 60 to 90 minutes before you go, such as an apple or a handful of nuts.

Ditching the Exercise
Make it a priority now, to maintain your gym commitments, regular walks and even plan some extra activities to compensate for the extra food you'll be eating. Planning ahead and sticking to your plan will again give you and extra edge and prevent those lethargic feelings (after eating fatty, sweet or hi-carb snacks) creeping in.

Overindulging Too Early In The Season
When does ‘Christmas’ actually start anyway? I know people who have been attending Christmas Functions since the middle of November!! (You know who you are!!). Try to differentiate "special" occasions from run-of-the-mill drinks with acquaintances. This way you can indulge when there is a truly special occasion but keep on track with good habits for the weeks beforehand.

Buying Too Much Food
Why is it that we go into some kind of ‘shopping frenzy’ at Christmas, stacking our trolleys up as though the supermarkets are going to be closed until Easter..?? We do it out of habit and because everyone else is doing it. Get a reality-check and save yourself some money here.. most of the big stores are only closed for ONE DAY, or two days at the most. Cupboards stocked with excessive amounts of snack food, chocolates and seasonal rubbish are a recipe for disaster. Purchase only what you need and try to avoid falling into the trap of buying large boxes (sneakily marked up as ‘Family Packs’) of chocolates and snacks.

Snacking On Poor-Quality Nibbles
Okay, so we probably aren’t going to avoid some of these nibbles all together, so opt for quality rather than quantity. Good-quality cheese, seafood, nuts and chocolates bring much taste and enjoyment to the palate, while cheap crackers, pastries and crisps do not. Savour the experience of eating good-quality food occasionally, instead of putting-up with cheap, high-fat, low-quality snacks.

Eating Everything On Offer
Next time you are at a party, pay attention to the thin partygoers compared to the overweight ones. Generally, slim individuals are pickier when it comes to food choices. Each time food comes around ask yourself: "Do I really feel like eating this?" It's often all you need to keep in control.

Overindulging In Alcohol
The festive season should not be seen as an excuse to forget our personal limits with alcohol. Try to have two alcohol-free days each week, drink plenty of water and avoid high-calorie mixers such as sweetened juice, soft drink and flavoured drinks.

Letting Christmas Run Until January
It’s a good idea to put things in place now, that will allow you to get back on track with your usual diet and exercise habits by 2nd January or, before you know it, February will be here and the extra Christmas weight will be with you for the rest of the year.

Developing an "All Or Nothing" Attitude To Dieting
Rather than mentally writing off the next four weeks in terms of your food intake and activity patterns, think like a thin person. Enjoy good-quality, tasty treats in controlled amounts, but balance them with nutritious summer foods including salads, seafood and fresh fruits. Look at the time off over this period as an excuse to move your body more and you will be well on your way to a fitter and healthier 2014.

Go on then..

Stay in control and have a wonderful build-up to Christmas..!