Professor Appleton's 'Sunshine' Diet !!!

In the western world, we have an unhealthy obsession ...... with dieting !!

Back in the 1800's, one of the foremost and respected dieticions of the day, Professor Appleton had a groundbreaking idea that we could get all the nutrients we need to survive, from the Sun and from water. Whilst this may seem bizarre nowadays, just imagine how some of our modern day diets will look in another 100 years!!

There are literally thousands of different 'diet' concepts around the world, most of which have one thing in common ...... they keep us focussed on FOOD!!

It's all about, "How many calories in this?", "How much fat in that?", Atkins diet, Dukan diet, 'green days', 'red days', sugar content, salt content, nutritional information, 'five-a-day', no carbs, artificial flavours, artificial colours, GI rating, e-numbers, preservatives and saturated fat !!!  

Think about it .... keeping food off your mind is now a FULL TIME JOB !!!

It's ironic that as a western nation, we are more obsessed with dieting then we've ever been. But, at the same time, as a western nation, we're also heavier then we've ever been. Do you think there might be some correlation in that?

In the grand scheme of things, the concept of 'dieting' in its current form, has only been around for the blink of an eye. In evolutionary terms, dieting is so out of place for us, so un-natural for our bodies and so 'out of touch' with reality if we want to become and remain slim. 

The requirement to eat is a natural function for our survival and for our existence. However, the vast majority of so called "healthy diet" plans nowadays are so un-natural, that it really shouldn't be any great surprise that we are not the shape or size we'd like to be, that we're deficient in nutrients, vitamins or minerals, that we endure addictions, cravings and dependencies or that we suffer from serious eating related health issues.

To Lose Weight, Stop Dieting!!

As I've told my clients for a long, long time, you're not supposed to be on any kind of diet. Just eat what you'd like to eat, in moderation, without any guilt and when your stomach tells you that you've had enough for your physical needs, you can put down your knife and fork and push your plate away, feeling good that leaving a little food behind is a reminder that you are in control. 

Just imagine if you woke up this morning and a new law had been brought in. From today, all food sold in the shops, came packed in plain white boxes, without any pictures, ingredents or nutritional information on display!

Would everyone suddenly pile on loads of weight, start eating unhealthily or find their eating patterns spiralling out of control? I don't think so!!

Instictively, we know what foods are good for us, what foods aren't so good, how much to have, when to have it and why.

Several of you drew my attention to a fabulous article which was printed in the Daily Mail this week entitled "Food For Thought", which echos everything I go on about week after week, in that healthy eating is all in the mind.
(In fact, if I didn't know any better, I might have thought I'd written it myself!)
Find out more by clicking here

(You're Going To Love This ........)

How about earning a Pile of Cash, just for losing weight !!!

In an innovative experiment, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania offered people the unique opportunity to earn a financial reward in return for losing weight over a period of time. What do you think he found .... ?  Surprise, surprise, people lose weight faster if there's a financial incentive!! (I don't think you needed to be a Professor to work that one out!)

As a result, a handful of companies 'popped' up in the U.S. offering to bolster your bank balance as the strain on the bathroom scales reduced accordingly!!

Well, it had to happen .... it's here!! You can now earn money in the UK by betting on your own weight loss, with a company called 'Weight Wins'.
I've known about this for some time and every so often a client will either bring it to my attention or ask me if I know of anyone who has used it.

Well, I don't know anyone who has used it, but I'll give you the link to the Weight Wins website, and if you try it out and want to let me know how you go on, I'll spread the word!!

Here's the link;-

Quote of the Week this week comes from Mandy in Leyland, who made me chuckle on achieving her desired weight loss target. She told me that she felt fantastic, and that, "any more weight loss was just icing on the cake" !!
(Is it just me, or is that a wonderfully twisted analogy?)

That's all for now.

Take care



Can Chocolate Really Help You Lose Weight ....?

I know what you're thinking .... You're not falling for that one again ... not after last times sausage episode! But you might just be surprised to see that chocolate actually does feature in the second part of Weird Weight Loss Tips later. 
Speaking of sausages, I received a handful of stern reminders from committed vegetarians that Quorn sausages are in fact low in fat and low in calories, which of course they are. In fact, I'll be featuring some of the many health benefits of abstaining from meat (even if only temporarily) in a up-coming post. 

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Client Stories

One of the things that is particularly interesting about the following two client stories is that they had both tried hypnosis elsewhere earlier in the year for weight loss and it hadn't worked (By the way, they don't know each other). I'm always touched when this happens, it makes the clients positive progress with me feel that much more special.
There are SO many additional health benefits to bringing our weight under control. Blood pressure can come down, cholesterol risks can reduce, IBS can ease, arthritic joint pain eases and, as in Carols case below, just a week into her weight loss journey and she's enjoying blood sugar levels for her diabetes that are lower then they've been for years .....








Well done Carol, you've had an amazing start and I'm sure you have no reason to doubt that your new mindset around food is just going to continue getting even stronger.
I'm also absolutely delighted for Margaret Hughes who has also had an amazing start in the last month. Margaret was incredibly skeptical, particularly for having tried hypnosis before. This is what she had to say ....

"Hi Tony
This is both an apology and a thank you. The apology is for douting your ability to help me lose weight. I have been overweight for a few years and tried all the diets going. I had even tried hypnotherapy but none of them work for me.
My downfall was cakes biscuits and puddings.

Then I saw an advert all about Hypnotic gastric band. NO WAY. Been there, done that, does not work!
 After a few days thinking about it, I decided to contact you for a chat which resulted in our meeting. To say I was very sceptical was a understatement, but after speaking at some length with you I decided to give it a go.

So Monday arrived and still not 100% sure this was going to work, I came to your home for the session. You could tell from my face I was still not sure about this, so you did a little demo with a ball on a string. AMAZING.

I suddenly thought this just might work. And it did. Twenty days later I have lost 12 POUNDS.

So thanks Tony you have turned a sceptic into a believer. Hypnosis in the right hands does work! 
Thanks, Margaret

Many thanks for that Margaret. Yes, the hypnosis has worked, but also you have stuck to your side of the bargain, have put the required effort in and can be extremely proud of what you've achieved so far. Well done again.
If you're reading this, wanting to lose weight and haven't contacted me yet, call me now on 07976 636860 and let's get started. You'll find more client stories and experiences here next week.

Weird Weight Loss Tips

We started looking at some 'less well known' weight loss tips in the last update. So here are another five weird weight loss tips to help you to keep thinking 'outside the box' ....

6. Don't Save The Best Till Last ....

There are some habits that are seemingly impossible to grow out of ....! 
From an early age, most of us will have gone through a phase of 'saving the best till last'. But in the interests of good portion control, it's time to move on!
Just imagine, part way though a meal and getting those familiar signals from your stomach telling you that it's time to put your knife and fork down ....... but SHOCK, HORROR, you haven't even touched your favourite bit yet! .... and you've been looking forward to it all week!!
In this event, even the most hardened disciplinarian amongst us is unlikely to push their plate away. Far better to evenly spread out your intake of all the different foods on your plate in a 'balanced' way, making it much easier for you to STOP when you're satisfied.

7. Photographs and Outfits .....

In general, we're motivated by two things. We can be motivated toward good things or away from bad things. With this in mind, a few visual reminders dotted around the house can act as a good visual prompter and will always be on hand to remind you to stay on track whenever you get caught with your guard down. For example, a photograph of yourself at your biggest, stuck to the fridge door, can often be enough to encourage you to steer clear. Similarly, so can a photograph where you look and feel amazing, it's a great reminder of 'why all this will be SO worthwhile'.
Or how about sifting through some of those fabulous outfits in your wardrobe? Pick one out that you would particularly love to get back into, that's perhaps a dress size or two smaller then your current size. Then hang it over the wardrobe door, or the en-suite door (as if you were about to wear it later that day). Every morning when you wake up or whenever you enter your bedroom, that visual stimulous is there, reinforcing your gritty determination that you "WILL get into this by the end of next month" (or whenever).

8. Wear Skinny Jeans ....

What’s the first thing you do when your clothes feel too tight? You put on a big baggy sweatshirt and pants. They’re comfortable... actually, a little too comfy. Next time you gain a few pounds, squeeze into your skinny clothes instead. Wearing too-tight clothes to dinner will remind you of which foods to eat and how much. Try these clothing tips:

Instead of unbuttoning your pants at the end of a large meal, buckle your belt one notch tighter before you start eating. It may stop you from overindulging.

Squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans, and let your tummy bulge over the top when you’re lounging at home and tempted to snack through a Saturday night film.

If you’re uncomfortable wearing tight clothing in public, cover up with a loose jacket. That way you alone will know why you’re eating a salad instead of a cheeseburger!

9. Satisfy that Sweet Tooth .... Eat Chocolate!

Yes .... you read it right!
But not just any chocolate. A little dark chocolate not only satisfies a craving for something sweet, but it also offers some surprising health benefits, like protecting your heart and even lowering anxiety and stress. Plus, eating a small piece of dark chocolate as a snack can actually help curb hunger and make you feel full longer. So, come on ... life's not so bad after all, is it?

10. Never Ever Shop When You're Hungry .....!

Now, you should know this by now, you never go grocery shopping when you're hungry.
Supermarkets are deadly places to visit when you're hungry. Have you ever wondered why the trolley fills up so much quickly when you haven't eaten? Even if you go in with a list, the shelves are packed full of strategically placed imulse temptations that virtually leap out at you as you walk past. No wonder the damn trolley feels as if it has a mind of its own*, buckling under the strain of all those extra groceries that you know you'll regret buying later. Far better to ensure that you've eaten a proper meal and drunk plenty of water (to help fend off those 'till side' chocolate cravings!). Even better, how about giving on-line grocery shopping a go? 
* Exept for shoppers at Tesco in Euxton, where the trolleys actually DO have a mind of their own!

By the way, if you missed the first five tips in this feature, you can find them by clicking here

Ten Disgusting Foods With Disgusting Ingredients!

Finally for now, here's a link that I came across on Twitter this week, from Kelly Osbourne of all people. You might find some of the following images quite shocking!!

Find out more by clicking here

Take care


Can Sausages Really Help to Shed the Pounds ??

So, can sausages really help us to shift those unwanted pounds .......?


No. I'm afraid they can't .... Get real !!!

However, sausages do feature very highly in the top 10 foods that influence our weight.

A team of Harvard researchers in the U.S have revealed the results of a study of 120,877 people showing that small changes in lifestyle behaviors such as physical activity, sleep duration, and TV-watching are strongly correlated with long-term weight gain.

But the most important factor was diet - and among the report's most intriguing findings is precisely how much weight gain (or loss) can be attributed to consuming an additional daily serving of a variety of specific foods over a four-year period. These 10 food items in particular, correlated with long term changes in weight. The first 5 food items promote weight gain, and the next 5 promote weight loss. Let's see how your favourite foods fare in this list.

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Foods that correlate to long term weight gain:

1. Crisps –
Crisps are not surprising here, with the starch content and their deep fried texture.

2. Potatoes – The innocent potatoes that we inject into our daily diet, by way of making even a boring salad more interesting, could be adding to weight gain.

3. Sugar sweetened beverages – Again, these are silent killers. Without even realizing it, an innocent sip here, and a sip there could lead to more weight gain than you thought possible.

4. Un-processed red meat – Red meat with the high fat content, before it has been trimmed is definitely on the list of foods that lead to weight gain .....

5. Processed meats – ....... As are processed meats like sausages, bacon and salami. This is because of the high salt content as well as the unnatural preservatives that go into giving these meats a long shelf life.

Foods that correlate to long term weight loss:

1. Vegetables – No surprises here. Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, capsicum, all those colours are nutritious and rich, and therefore filling. Vegetables are a must to up in your diet if you are on a weight loss mission.

2. Whole grains – Oats, whole wheat, brown rice, are grains rich in fiber and promote weight loss if included in a diet. But that is only if you are switching over from the 'higher in sugar', refined version of grains.

3. Fruits – Great filler between meals, delicious, and nutritious, fruits are high on the list of food items you should consume to promote weight loss.

4. Nuts – Again a great snack to have between meals instead of wasting your appetite on deep-fried foods that make you feel hungry very quickly.

5. Yoghurt – The study has found that a regular consumption of yoghurt on a long-term basis promotes weight loss.

What are Empty Calories?

I've been asked on several occasions very recently to explain what is meant by the phraise 'Empty Calories'.

Calories are the unit of measurement that we use to measure the amount of energy that is provided by our food and drink.

But, in addition to 'calories of energy', our bodies also need other things to be provided by our food and drink, such as vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

An "empty calorie" is a loose term used to describe calories from foods or drinks that have little or no nutritional value. 
This means that, for the percentage of caloires they provide to your diet, there are very few, if any minerals, vitamins, or nutrients. Meaning you would need to consume even more calories to achieve the quantities of those minerals, vitamins or nutrients our bodies need. Empty calories tend to be high in sugars, starches, and fats.
So, as an easy example, let's look at two common foods to compare how they provide our bodies with much needed minerals, vitamins and nutrients to maintain our vital organs.
Firstly, a typical apple will contain about 100 calories of energy.
But, in addition to the 100 calories, the apple will also contain lots of pectin, anti-oxidants and vitamin C. 
It will also contain no fat, only a tiny amount of sodium (salt) and will be fortified with vitamins, minerals, fibre and GI carbohydrate (the same 'slow release' carbs that are in brown rice!).
Alternatively, a similarly weighted portion of french fries that contains nearly 3 times more calories of energy, only offers us a tiny proportion of the nutritional value our bodies need. A little bit of iron, a tiny amount of vitamin C, a small amount of dietry fibre and a small amount of protein, but with nearly half of the total calories coming from fat and a high sodium content (even before you've added you're own salt!).
In this example, we would need to eat a heck of a lot more french fries, in order to get enough of the good bits out of them, that we actually need. Then we would also need to eat a lot of something else in order to get the rest of the stuff we also need (that the french fries don't provide). But in doing this, we would probably be consuming more then 10 times the calorie content, to achieve what the apple gave us, as well as high amounts of sodium and saturated fat. 
The calories provided by the french fries are 'empty' of nutrients, when compared with the  calories provided by the apple.    

So, some examples of typical foods where the calories provided offer very little nutrition are;

Sweets, Chewing Gum, Chocolate bars, White bread, White rice, Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits, White pasta, Refined cereals, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Soft drinks, Flavored drinks, Alcoholic drinks and Fast Food.

And a few examples of foods that are packed with nutritional value within their calories are;

Brown rice, Brown bread, Wholemeal bread, Wholewheat pasta, Oats, Rolled oats, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts (eg walnuts, cashew nuts) - Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Skinless chicken breast, Skinless turkey breast, White fish, Oily fish (eg salmon, trout, halibut, mackerel) - Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Olive oil - Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Cottage cheese, Egg whites, Sweet potato, Soybeans (eg bean curd or tofu, soya milk), Skimmed milk, Kidney beans and Red lentils.

Stranger Weight Loss Tips

It isn't always easy sometimes to come up with ideas that will help you stay on the right track to keeping the weight coming off, particularly when you're constantly surrounded by temptation.

So here are the first five of ten quirky ideas that will help you start thinking beyond the 'norm', stay focussed, remain in control and help you maintain your aim at your target weight!

1. Snack on 'Difficult to Eat' Foods ...

Instead of crisps, crackers or shelled peanuts, buy in snacks that actually make you 'work for it'. As well as forcing you to slow down, these snack choices help you keep you more aware of your calories.

Pistachio nuts and Monkey nuts are good for this (in moderation) for a savoury snack, or for more of a sweet craving, satsumas and tangerines are similarly effective.

2. Stay Hydrated - Make Water Sexier !! ...

Whilst having a beaker full of tap water on the go may be okay for some people, for others keeping up fluid intake needs to be a little more appealing. So why not turn it into a proper drink?

It cost nothing to have a stock of ice-cubes in the freezer, and next to nothing to add a bag of limes or lemons to your weekly shopping list. But having a delicious, chilled glass of refreshing, ice cold water with plenty of ice and lime (or even a sprig of mint) is something that is much easier to develop a craving for and will reward you with countless hydrating benefits (which you can be reminded of by delving into the archives of this blog).

3. Use Smaller Dinner Plates .....

Okay, maybe this isn't that weird, and it really is an old trick .... but it does work, and it isn't just because we're likely to serve ourselves a smaller amount;

It's a fact that many of us eat with our eyes, rather then with our stomachs. We know we've 'had enough to eat' once our plate is empty!

The great news is that we can use this anomally to our advantage. When we dish up a familiar meal on a smaller plate, our perception is distorted. Our brains don't have any 'previous experience' with which to make a comparison to decide whether or not the usual portion size has been served up. So with the brain in this confused state, it is forced to rely far more heavily on the signals from the stomach as an indication of how satisfied you're feeling.

4. Brush Your Teeth ....

Good dental hygiene obviously has many benefits of its own, outside of the scope of losing weight. But that minty, fresh taste really can help you to stick to your plan. Whenever you're feeling tempted by a snack or if you've finished a meal and want to resist picking at the left-overs, just brush your teeth with normal mint toothpaste.

Our brains have been conditioned not to expect any food for some time after brushing our teeth, so this action, along with the mint flavour, switches off any hunger or craving signals from the brain. Even if we we're tempted to try a bite of something, we would quickly discover that food really doesn't taste good when mixed with all that fresh-mint flavour. Plus, the slick feeling of clean teeth is enough to keep most people from being tempted by another bite.

5. Make Left-Overs Less Appealing .....

Okay, these may seem like extreme measures, but they really can work. Particularly when you just can't put your fork down ... even though you'd love to and even when you're full.

Try putting the handles of your knife and fork into the left over food, you won't want to pick up those greasy utensils to take another bite. If you're in a restaurant, accidentally 'drop' your fork on the floor first before doing this for that added incentive to draw things to a close. Scrunch up your napkin and place it in your food or perhaps, rearrange the remaining food on your plate so that it simply doesn't look appetizing.   

I'll have the next five Stranger Weight Loss Tips for you next time.

Best wishes