The Five Keystones To Weight Loss - Part 1

The idea in creating this blog is that over the coming weeks and months, it will build up stories of inspiration, weight loss tips, ideas & reminders, related articles of interest and anything else that will help it become a useful resource for anyone in the process of bringing their weight under control. 

I'll also be looking forward to sharing the experiences and successes of clients of mine, people like you, in the hope that your ongoing achievements will motivate and inspire others (I will always ask for your permission before publishing any sensitive information).

As everyone leads busy lives these days, what I also aim to do is update this site regularly, in small 'bite-sized' chunks, so that the contents can be read in less then 10 minutes.

The Five Keystones To Weight Loss.

To begin with, we're going to look at some of the basics. There are two reasons for this;-

1. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the basics and these can often provide a 'quick fix' to some degree once re-focused.

2. It's also good to look into the basics in slightly more detail. Quite often, you'll discover they're not so basic after all and a better understanding can sometimes bring about a more resourceful perspective.

There are many dozens if not hundreds of individual elements that are involved in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

But amongst these, there are five major ‘keystones’ which as you master these, will add considerably more structure and focus to your eating habits and patterns.

Whilst there isn’t anything new here, when I meet clients for the first time, I generally find that one or more of the following keystones have been allowed to slip.

Allowing yourself to become more mindful of these five keystones, will accelerate you significantly faster toward your weight loss goals.  

Keystone 1 - Always Have a Breakfast

The first meal of the day is what kick-starts your metabolism. Our bodies’ metabolic rate is much lower overnight when we’re in bed. By and large, it stays that way until we’ve eaten our first meal of the day, after which it speeds up, burning off calories more efficiently.

It goes without saying then that those people who skip breakfast and don’t eat until lunch-time, have just wasted 5 or 6 hours of ‘calorie burning’ time …. Every day!! - As we’re only awake for about 16 or 17 hours a day, it’s crucial that we don’t waste a third of that time.

A common misconception is that skipping breakfast means we will take in fewer calories, which therefore assists us in losing weight.

This really is NOT the case. Any diet or eating pattern that involves an element of ‘fasting’, will lead the body to switching into ‘survival mode’, prioritising the channelling of essential nutrients to vital organs and slowing down the metabolic rate to conserve energy. Also, in ‘survival mode’ our bodies tend to ‘store’ more food when we do eventually decide to eat.

A healthy breakfast in a morning will counteract all of this, whether it be a slice of toast, a handful of cereal, a yoghurt, a banana or whatever. If you currently enjoy a nutritious breakfast each morning, then Well Done, you’ve mastered the first ‘keystone’ to weight control!

I'll post the next Keystone to Weight Loss in a few days.

By the way, did anyone see the story this week of the three year old toddler, who weighs NINE AND A HALF STONE ....... !!

..... You can read about young Lu Hao and see more pictures here.


Well done to all those who have given up alcohol for Lent this year. You've inspired me to join in the fun!

I can't remember giving anything up for Lent before, but this is going really well. I've noticed having more energy and am getting loads more done.

Hope it's going as well for you! (Let me know if it isn't, or if you've given up something else worthy of a mention)

Your Stories

As I've already mentioned, stories and experiences from some of my clients will be appearing here regularly.
So as of today I'll be on the look out for situations with clients that are either inspiring, interesting or answer any of the 'frequently asked questions' about hypnosis. So brace yourselves!!

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